Walter B. Rueda

City: Marikina City
Phone: (02) 512-3774
Mobile: 0947-7039253

Walter Auto Painting, formerly 188 Auto Painting, has been operating in Metro Manila since 2004 and is owned by Walter Bardaje Rueda.

The business was put up by a group of friends and was continued by Walter. It started as a small shop in Marikina. However due to the frequent flooding in the area where the shop was located, we decided to close shop and instead conduct home service.

We distributed leaflets and flyers in different villages and subdivisions of Metro Manila so as to inform car owners that they need not burden themselves of going to our shop. Instead we will go to them and do the job in their own homes.

We conducted our service with utmost dedication and everything was done in front of the car owner so as to assure good value for his/her money. We were able to complete the job in just one day, assuring the car owner of a good-quality job. Our expert car painters have work experiences from big car companies that include Honda and Toyota.

We also have professionals as clients like lawyers, businessmen, and even foreign nationals whose trusts we have earned through the years.

We did the painting job on the cars of businessman Mr. Jayson Chuachoy, Mr. Bryan Revilla, Atty Danilo Roledas (former legal officer of former President Arroyo), former assistant prosecutor Atty. Ramon Gerona, Atty. Mike Templo, and other known personalities.

Currently we are doing businesses in different parts of Metro Manila including executive villages and big establishments. More customers are availing of our services since we believe that we can put your car in its original appearance at a reasonable price.

Because we adhere to our slogan: “Gawang Pinoy, Gawang Casa, Presyong Masa.” (Top quality job at a mass-appeal price, made by Filipinos).